Andre Kertesz: The Polaroids por André Kertész, Robert Gurbo

Andre Kertesz: The Polaroids por André Kertész, Robert Gurbo

Titulo del libro: Andre Kertesz: The Polaroids

Autor: André Kertész, Robert Gurbo

ISBN: 0393065642

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André Kertész, Robert Gurbo con Andre Kertesz: The Polaroids

After the death of his wife, Andre Kertesz consoled himself by taking up a new camera, the Polaroid SX70. Taken in his apartment in New York, this work features photographs that were shot either from his window or in the windowsill. It is a testament to the genius of the photographer's eye as manifested in the simple Polaroid.

Andre Kertesz (1894-1985) was one of the most inventive, influential, and prolific photographers in the medium's history. Robert Gurbo is the curator of the Andre Kertesz Estate and the author of Andre Kertesz: The Early Years and Andre Kertesz: The Polaroids. He lives in New York City.