Soho Ghosts (English Edition) por Greg Keen

Soho Ghosts (English Edition) por Greg Keen

Titulo del libro: Soho Ghosts (English Edition)

Autor: Greg Keen

Número de páginas: 328 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 12, 2018

Editor: Thomas & Mercer

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Greg Keen con Soho Ghosts (English Edition)

PI Kenny Gabriel is hunting ghosts from the past. But some of them are hunting him back.

When a disgraced politician is found dead at his London flat, there are few people who mourn his demise. George Dent’s reputation was in tatters, and his suicide surprises nobody—except one.

Dent’s childhood friend Peter Timms is certain the MP’s downfall was a set-up; why else was he being stalked in the weeks before his death? Timms can even name the culprit—the only problem is, he’s been dead for seventy years. But broke PI Kenny Gabriel can’t afford to be cynical. He agrees to round up Dent’s old school gang, although some of them are less than keen to be found.

Meanwhile, Meg Dylan, matriarch of a North London crime family, is hot on Kenny’s heels with another case. As pressure mounts on both sides, Kenny knows he must find the truth behind this ghost—or become one himself.