Going Nowhere Fast In Assetto Corsa (2018-01-20): Race Driving On A Simulator por Amen Zwa

Going Nowhere Fast In Assetto Corsa (2018-01-20): Race Driving On A Simulator por Amen Zwa

Titulo del libro: Going Nowhere Fast In Assetto Corsa (2018-01-20): Race Driving On A Simulator

Autor: Amen Zwa

Número de páginas: 707 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 21, 2014

Editor: sOnit, Inc.

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Amen Zwa con Going Nowhere Fast In Assetto Corsa (2018-01-20): Race Driving On A Simulator

This book is a comprehensive handbook for race driving on Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa simulator. It is not a gaming guide. What you will find here are technical topics covering graphics card optimisations, force feedback customisation, simulator configuration, race car dynamics, race car components, car set-up, driving techniques, racing rules, race strategies, race tactics, psychology of race driving, and handling guides for each car type. I also present the cornering lines for all laser-scanned tracks. I describe each track, corner-by-corner and bump-by-bump, with cockpit view screenshots.

•2018-01-20 [17.2ed, 1.16]—align GNF ed to AC v; Laguna Seca; new Alfa cars; E30 M3 dog-leg gearshift pattern; AC Reboot Project add-ons; Oculus Rift tips; update TrackIR; update eye technique; clarify inertial and gravitational masses
•2017-09-04 [17.1ed, 1.15, FAP]—new Ferrari cars; frustration, anger, fear; update Oculus; update wet weather driving; update solid rear axle
•2017-05-18 [16ed, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, RTR]—G29; pit stop; reverse tracks; new cars; clarify gear ratios; clarify downforce; eye blinking; update mental aspects; update cornering techniques; update TOC
•2016-12-24 [15ed, 1.10, 1.11, PP2, PP3]—Silverstone Classic; replace satellite images with track maps; update rear-wheel steering system; more Porsche cars
•2016-10-18 [14ed, 1.09, PP1]—corner names on track maps; update controller settings; Gurney flap; new Porsche cars; update 250F; update racing rules; update cornering techniques; update ERS; using SF15-T’s MGU-K on Nordschleife; reedit the entire text
•2016-08-22 [13ed, 1.06, 1.07, 1.08, JP, RP, TP]—Red Bull Ring, Monza Classic; new Italian cars; SF15-T’s cockpit controls, heave suspensions, DRS, ERS; Nissan Skyline’s Super-HICAS rear-wheel steering system; update open-wheel cockpit view software configuration; expand track learning; expand corner-entry braking; update graphics benchmarking; remove Google Play edition
•2016-03-23 [12ed, 1.05]—new cars; TM7; graphics performance and track surface improvements
•2016-02-28 [11ed, 1.04, DP3]—Brands Hatch; new cars; cornering techniques unique to low-powered cars like Lotus 25; TM6 and camber thrust; graphics benchmarking; reedit the entire text
•2015-10-25 [10ed, 1.03, DP2]—Catalunya; new cars; 64-bit executable; TM5 and louder tyre squeals
•2015-08-18 [09ed, 1.02]—Zandvoort; new cars; slow-motion perception during crashes and placebo effect of set-up modifications; distinguish between static and dynamic friction; 180-degree spin and doughnut techniques; expand hardware configurations and audio software configurations; update Mugello
•2015-05-01 [08ed]—update Spa, Nordschleife, Trtento-Bondone; expand Lotus 98T, Sauber C9; optimise embedded images
•2015-04-26 [07ed]—update Nordschleife; update Alfa 155; enhance embedded images; fix minor ePub formatting issues for Google Play edition
•2015-04-16 [06ed, 1.01, DP1]—Nordschleife; guide for each car type, including Alfa 155 AWD; DRS for Exos and P1; hill climbing techniques; refine packers, cones, turbocharger; update software configurations; enhance table of contents; author contact information
•2014-12-31 [05ed, 1.00]—simulator sickness warning; update view, audio, control software configurations
•2014-11-04 [04ed, RC]—Spa, Trento-Bondone; steering wheel force feedback; psychology references
•2014-10-07 [03ed]—telemetry; fix handbrake support; fix tyre flat-spotting
•2014-09-30 [02ed]—fix formatting
•2014-09-21 [01ed, EA]—initial publication