Yoga för trauma (Swedish Edition) por Edit Szabo

Yoga för trauma (Swedish Edition) por Edit Szabo

Titulo del libro: Yoga för trauma (Swedish Edition)

Autor: Edit Szabo

Número de páginas: 143 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 20, 2018

Editor: Edit Szabo

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Edit Szabo con Yoga för trauma (Swedish Edition)

Look up. Yes, right now as you read these lines. Do you see people around you? Take a good look at them and remember, you can never look at the world the way they do, and you can never know which stories they carry on. But one thing is certain. They have at least as much trauma as you, and they have fought or will fight at least as much as you to overcome them.

Yoga for trauma is a yogic approach to the human being, in order to understand what it means to live with the trauma every day, as it has implications for a person's biology and spirituality. By theories, different questions and exercises do I invite you to find your way.

My name is Edit Szabo and this is my story.