The Silent K9 Warriors (English Edition) por BS Panwar

The Silent K9 Warriors (English Edition) por BS Panwar

Titulo del libro: The Silent K9 Warriors (English Edition)

Autor: BS Panwar

Número de páginas: 320 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 5, 2018


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BS Panwar con The Silent K9 Warriors (English Edition)

Through the ages dog has served as a faithful companion to man: The natural gifts of smell, ferocity, speed, coupled with the sixth sense and a desire to please his master, have been extensively used by man to fit into his designs. The concept of war dog is as old as the war itself. Primitive man took his dog to the battle when rival tribes clashed. As such, “when we go to war, they go to war” and the hair raising tales of dogs in various wars speak volumes on their bravery, devotion and faithfulness, even endangering their own lives.
While serving in the Indian Army, the author was responsible for organising the canine resources in consonance with the requirement of strategic and tactical employment of army dogs to meet the military objectives. His interaction with people at large in various spheres of society gave him the feeling that they are generally aware about the pet dogs but do not know much about the war dogs, working as silent K9 warriors, and hence this book which is a tribute to the K9 valour.
The book discusses the everchanging scenario of battlefields, counterinsurgency and antiterrorism operations necessitating enhanced role of war dogs. It also gives interesting facts on various breeds, dog’s character and personality, olfaction and sixth sense, management practices and an insight to the basic and specialised training of K9 heroes. The book highlights the gallant acts of war dogs and their handlers, the “made for each other duo”, along with other related aspects that would enrich not only the military personnel but all canine lovers.
... An ideal reference for canine trainers and handlers in armed forces, police, intelligence agencies, narcotics control bureau, enforcement agencies, as well as the concerned veterinarians responsible for the care of the dogs deployed in peace and action.